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In association with

"This is The Way"

(See Acts 24:14-16) 

A community for those who identify with the rock, metal and geek subcultures to explore following Christ and His teachings in the 21st Century. 

As part of this Conclave, we meet twice a month. On the second Sunday evening of the month is the "Sacred Conclave" meeting, and on the fourth Sunday of the month, we have our Convocation social gathering. 

Sacred Conclave Gathering


When: The second Sunday evening of each month

Time: 8pm until 10pm 

Where: The Hatchet in the upstairs bar area which is reserved for our use.  

All kinds of alternative folk and geeks can feel welcome and relax together, exploring what it means to follow Jesus Christ and his teachings from a Christian perspective. The gathering functions like an alternative and informal church service of sorts, reflecting our identity and subculture. As an important part of our time together, rather than singing traditional hymns, we “worship” with rock and metal worship songs; check out the media below to get a handle on what it’s like! We also have a talk and discussion time based on the Bible, with an opportunity to ask questions and look at what it might mean to live out our faith in our lives, our city and our subculture.

We are a motley crew of misfits from various churches around Bristol (City Church, Woodlands, Severn Vineyard, Anglicans etc) and many other folk exploring faith and spirituality for the first time.


The theology of the meetings is in line with orthodox protestant Christianity and this ministry is overseen by City Church. 

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Facebook Group

This is where we post up info and announcements, as well as share interesting, helpful or encouraging news and articles.

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Monthly Convocation


On the fourth Sunday evening every month, we have a laid back social gathering and a few drinks at the Hatchet. This is an opportunity to meet the community and network with the other folk from the other communities (Roleplayers' and Gamers' or the Alternatives' Conclaves).

You can find us upstairs in the first-floor bar area which is booked for the gathering. A few of us will be wearing Conclave t-shirts ready to welcome you and introduce you to some new people.


All of our events are free but please can we encourage you to grab food and drink at the bar as we want to support the venue as much as possible!

The address is 27 Frogmore St, Bristol BS1 5NA and we begin to gather from 7:30 pm. So, if you're brand new, feel free to hold off 'til 8 pm so things are in full swing when you arrive. 

See the CONVOCATIONS page for more info on which Conclaves will be joining you each month. 

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