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"It's all fun and games until someone loses a hit point"

Welcoming Bristol-based LARP & roleplay community with bi-monthly socials. 

The Roleplayers' Conclave is simply a community hub for tabletop roleplayers and LARPers in Bristol UK and the surrounding area. This takes the form of a bi-monthly gathering and a Facebook group to help folk stay connected. We'd love you to add yourself to the FB group and then come along to the meet-ups whenever you're ready. We'd like to say we are all normal and there are no weirdos, but as we are talking about roleplayers this is impossible, but at least you'll fit it, right? 

Roleplayer' Conclave: Facebook group


Using the Facebook group of over a thousand local roleplayers you can... 

  • Seek players for your game

  • Find a group to join

  • Tell people about local LARPs 

  • Sell your roleplay books 

  • Sell your LARP kit

  • Ask for help with playtesting stuff 

  • Find out about other relevant events locally 

  • Discuss new games, Kickstarters etc

  • Discuss any other thing that's relevant to RPG and LARP.

We welcome members to post about their ventures including commercial ones as long as it is 1) relevant to RPG/LARP or related stuff in Bristol and 2) You don't post about these things more than once a month. 


Finally, roleplayers slay Trolls. If we find any in the FB group they will be dispatched.

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Bi-monthly Convocation


On the fourth Sunday evening of every other month* we have a laid back social gathering and a few drinks at the Hatchet. This is an opportunity to meet the community, network with other roleplayers and get to know like-minded folk, including the board gamers who share the same evening. It is not 'intended' as a games evening so feel free to leave the dice at home! 

You can find us upstairs in the first-floor bar area which is booked for the gathering. A few of us will be wearing Conclave t-shirts ready to welcome you and introduce you to some new people.


All of our events are free but please can we encourage you to grab food and drink at the bar as we want to support the venue as much as possible!

The address is 27 Frogmore St, Bristol BS1 5NA and we begin to gather from 7:30 pm. So, if you're brand new, feel free to hold off 'til 8 pm so things are in full swing when you arrive. 

* - January, March, May, July, September, November

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