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"Just one game they said and began to play - that was yesterday"

- Old Chinese proverb

A community of tabletop gamers, centred on gaming events in Bristol UK, with an active FB group and YouTube channel containing news and reviews for the hobby.

The Gamers' Conclave was originally formed by a bunch of friends who started out just wanting to organise playing more board games together! From there we have grown to a Facebook community with hundreds of members, organising “Games Gathering” events every few months, running fortnightly games evenings and even producing a YouTube Channel. Our events are relaxed days of friendly gaming, with gamers of all ages and experience playing everything from well known and accessible titles like Catan to multi-hour playing time strategic epics dripping with rules and intrigue!

We’ll be posting up details of our events on our FB page and keeping the website's event calender up to date, so check those out for more information on how you can get involved and meet some other like-minded gamers. In addition, check out our YouTube channel, the Severn Gaming Network, for games reviews and board gaming related content

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Gamers' Conclave Games Night


Every other Thursday evening (7-11pm) we host a free evening where people can play board games, strategic card games and/or wargames at the RePlay Cafe, 196 Cheltenham road (near the Arches). 


We organise a number of games for each event with a variety of styles (Euro, 4X, cards, Social deduction, heavy, light etc). Each gaming table will have someone hosting who knows the rules and is ready to teach all the players. If you want to run one of your own games you can sign up and be added to the schedule on the night. 

We begin to gather and chat from 7pm and plan to get the games started between 7:30-7:45pm. You are welcome to arrive at any time before this and hang out in the cafe. We don't reserve player spaces so arrive on time if you have a specific game you want to be involved in. The games should wrap by 10:30pm. 


The event is completely free but we encourage you to partake of the wonderful food and drinks available to support the venue. The cafe has a range of hot and cold drinks, food and even a licenced bar. 

You can see what games will be running and sign up to host a table using this niffy Google Sheets link: 

Gamers' Conclave: Facebook group


Using the Facebook group of hundreds of local

boardgame and card game fans you can... 

  • Seek players for your game

  • Find a group to join

  • Sell your old games

  • Find out about other relevant events locally 

  • Discuss new games, Kickstarters etc

  • Discuss any other thing that's relevant to board games, card games and war games.


We welcome members to post about their ventures including commercial ones as long as it is 1) relevant to board games or related stuff in Bristol and 2) You don't post about these things more than once a month.

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As part of the Gamers' Conclave we have a dedicated YouTube channel, with board and card game news and reviews by Christian. Having inherited it's name from the original identity of the Gamer's Conclave, The Severn Gaming Network has over 1.6K subscribers! 


It's three key areas of focus are deep strategy games, reviews for Kickstarted games as they land and first time strategy tricks and tips. 

YouTube Channel: Severn Gaming Network


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Bi-monthly Convocation


On the fourth Sunday evening of every other month* we have a laid back social gathering and a few drinks at the Hatchet. This is an opportunity to meet the community, network with other gamers and get to know like-minded folk, including the Roleplayers who share the same evening.


It is not 'intended' as a board games evening so there's no specific board gaming suitable gaming space, just good old pub tables to gather around and share tales of tabletop gaming delights and woes and new discoveries.

You can find us upstairs in the first-floor bar area which is booked for the gathering. A few of us will be wearing Conclave t-shirts ready to welcome you and introduce you to some new people.


All of our events are free but please can we encourage you to grab food and drink at the bar as we want to support the venue as much as possible!

The address is 27 Frogmore St, Bristol BS1 5NA and we begin to gather from 7:30 pm. So, if you're brand new, feel free to hold off 'til 8 pm so things are in full swing when you arrive. 

* - January, March, May, July, September, November

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