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Meet The Team

Christian Cunningham.jpg


Christian loves tabletop games, CCGs and all things metal! He provides "guitarings and vocalings" for the death/doom band Of Bronze And Fire. He is joint leader of the network with Alex and heads up the Gaming and Sacred Conclaves. He lives in South Bristol with his wife, Michelle, and their two sons. In this photo he's grinning away, in his Man Cave, surrounded by some of his large board game collection! 

Alex Morgan Pirate.jpg


Alex, I into tabletop RPG, LARPing, Star Wars and symphonic Metal. By day he works full time creating the graphic novel series, The Word for Word Bible Comic. He is joint leader of the network with Christian and heads up the Roleplayers' Conclave. He lives in North Bristol with wife, Sian and two crazy kids. This photo is from a 17th Century Larp called Burnt is Clean. 

Sian Morgan.jpg


Siân loves The Walking Dead, LARPing, crochet and alternative rock! She works doing finance management at City Church Bristol and brings these administrative skills to bear behind the scenes of the network. She lives in North Bristol with husband, Alex and their two boys. This photo is from a Victorian-era vampire LARP called Bath Camarilla.

Chelle Cunningham.jpg


Michelle is a fan of nu-metal and anything funky, like the mighty Skindred. She is an organisational whizz and official "Lovely Person". You'll often see her involved in the Sacred Conclave, welcoming newcomers and making things run smoothly. She's married to Christian and together they live in South Bristol with their two young boys. 


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